When searching for a fashion photographer in London you need someone with both a formidable portfolio of sensational images and a professional who can manage your entire brief and creative process, looking after all strands of the production with ease.

As with many skills and trades, photography encompasses a whole gamut of qualities that must come together to truly deliver exceptional images and experiences time after time. Photo shoots can be simple, they can be complex but all are important productions involving a variety of people all perhaps with different needs and roles. The best photographs come from the photographers who understand this and can effortlessly employ the skills to ensure every shoot is a success.

Jarek Duk is one such photographer.

Working in fashion photography in London for over 10 years Jarek has outstanding ability with the camera, underpinned by a personable and friendly nature matched with exceptionally high professional standards. He has many satisfied customers not just in London but across the U.K and the globe. Traveling extensively to create wonderful imagery, Jarek is rich in experience

and the people skills required in delivering the brilliant fashion photography his clients expect.

Being aware that commercial shoots can sometimes be high pressured, Jarek's down to earth nature and amiable personality means his productions are always enjoyable and entertaining sessions. This shows not just in his images, but in the many individuals, organisations and companies who return time after time to enlist his services.

Working with the best equipment and professional lighting Jarek employs his experience as a studio owner as well as a professional fashion photographer to be able to tackle all briefs and styles. And the team he has around him means things always run smoothly ensuring your shoot is pleasant, hassle free and delivers precisely on your brief. Jarek never overlooks the value of his trusted assistants and all those on a shoot in creating fabulous end results.

In his large and perfectly appointed two floor studio, on location or anywhere that your images demand Jarek is primed and ready with the right knowledge, the right equipment and the right team. Ever adaptable as all fashion photographers need to be he plans meticulously and can handle all situations that may come his way.

So if you are looking for fashion photographers in London you must search for the complete package. Great photography can be the key to unlocking and maintaining your personal and commercial success and these great images come with not just the right photographer, but the right person.

Well rest assured for in Jarek Duk you have found just that.